Janay Shea

Janay Shea

Janay Shea has over 20 years of experience helping clients with their healthcare needs. She got her start with AFLAC, serving in the employer group markets by bring benefits to employees to make sure they are not left with gaps in coverage. She offers accidents, critical illness, cancer and hospitalization polices, which can be quite expensive and an unexpected life changing event that can lead to financial devastation for a family. Janay is known for her compassion and great customer service which has created long- term relationships with her clients. In 2012, Janay met Paula Harrington, CEO of Harrington Insurance Solutions, LLC. Paula brokered major medical health plans and Janay’s AFLAC plans rounded out the employee benefits. Janay and Paula found they shared a real heart to help people and came to have great respect for each other. In 2015, Paula called on Janay to see if she knew of any licensed insurance agents who would be willing to help people enroll in Marketplace plans and Medicare plans at a new retail storefront she wanted to open, where people could walk in and get in-person help with health insurance. Paula asked Janay to recommend people she know that share her passion and integrity. Janay referred a few friends (even her own mother) to learn about the new business. Everyone agreed there was a definite need and were so excited about the opportunity. Janay heard the excitement, and asked if she could help too! The Enrollment Store was opened that year, just in time for open enrollment with 5 agents and a big heart for people. Now, 6 years later, Janay has taken on another role that allows her to continue to work where she is passionate, she has stepped into the role of Director of Agent Development, helping new agents learn and develop their career with our agency. Janay continues offer the same great customer service to her customers, while helping others seek their passion and the heart to help others.

Janay is also working and volunteering in the community. She works with healthcare providers and continues to build strong relationships with individuals and families by connecting them to healthcare. She gives of her time, shares her knowledge, and connects people to community resources, when she sees need. As a result, her clients will tell you time and time again, Janay goes the extra mile for them.

Janay is married to Terry Shea. They have 3 sons, Cameron, Jordan, and Spencer. She also two granddaughters Layla and Leslie. She loves the outdoors camping, and kayaking on the river with her family. Her hobbies are being creative with art, crocheting, making blankets, and making jewelry. She has a love for dogs (and adopted a ginger tabby kitten this year)!

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