Medicare Plans

Senior Market Medicare Plans

If you are 65 or older, or under 65 with a disability, you may be eligible for Medicare. Medicare does not cover everything and you may be eligible for health care plans designed to cover what Medicare does not. We offer both Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) and Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

Original Medicare Plans

These plans consist of Part A, covering of Hospital/Skilled Nursing/Hospice/Blood and Part B, covering of Doctors Visits/Outpatient/Diagnostic Testing/Labs/Imaging/Medical Supplies, but leaves the consumer with many out-of-pocket costs. Let us educate you and help you understand Original Medicare, so when we bring you plans and pricing for additional coverage, you will see the value.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Med-Sup also called Medigap Plans help pay for healthcare costs that original Medicare does not cover such as hospital deductibles, skilled nursing per day costs, and co-insurance costs. Original Medicare has no maximum out-of-pocket limit. When you purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan, Medicare remains the primary payer and the Medicare Supplement Plan is secondary payer, leaving you with very little out-of-pocket costs, if any, depending on the plan you choose.

Medicare Part D Plans

Original Medicare does not pay for your daily maintenance medications. You will need help to shop for a stand-alone prescription drug Part D Plan that offers coverage for prescription drug costs. It is important to understand your out of pocket costs and prepare for the expense while in the donut hole, if it applies to you. There is also a financial safety net if you reach a maximum out-of-pocket on your drug plan during the plan year.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare assigns what it would pay under original Medicare to a Private Insurance Company at a premium that is much lower than Medicare Supplement Plans. You can choose from plans in your area who have negotiated rates with a network of doctors. This can help you manage your healthcare needs and costs, making these plans much more affordable. You can choose between HMO and PPO networks and many of them include Part D Prescriptions Drug coverage. Many include extra benefits such as gym memberships, dental, vision, over-the-counter benefits, rewards programs and much more!

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Medicare has an Annual Election Period each year from October 15th–December 7th for Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D Plans.

Let us help you through the maze of Medicare and avoid the pitfalls, like late enrollment penalties. There are monthly lifetime penalties if you do not enroll when you are initially eligible, or after a qualifying event.

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You may also be eligible during the year for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) if you lost coverage recently or had a life change. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans have annual increases in premiums, so you may want to shop it to save money. You can change Medicare Supplement Plans year-round but they may require underwriting. You can also try a Medicare Advantage Plan, ask us about the one year trial period!

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